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Found 13th Apr 2008
We recently got an ipod for my dad and he wants to use it in the car. Hes heard of the radio transmitter whereby you tune your radio into a frequency which your ipod is sending the signal to. Although I have heard that these tend to have poor sound quality

Can anybody recommend the best one to get (and if possible at the best price). He doesnt want one of the really expensive ones.

Thanks in advance

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What make is the stereo? You would be much better off with an adapter if one is available. On some you have full control of the ipod from the headunit.

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Im not sure what make the car sterio is. He has a Rover and it is one that came with it when he bought it

anyone know the best price for an iTrip then?

Hi i bought 1 of these the sound quality is very good only cost about £4 deliverd


I bought one from Fonebitz in the service station at Strentcham on the M5 on Wednesday last week. Looked a good unit. Cost £39.99. It charged up your Ipod and held it in a cradle and had a blue LCD display
Spent 3 hours on Thursday trying to get it to work.When it did work it only lasted for about 10-15 secs. Phoned the shop said I have 14 days in which to return it for a refund, which is great as I only go to the Midlands with my job 1 a month!!
Rang their head office Thursday and left a message also sent an email but still no reply. So will have to make a special trip up ther this week if I want my money back

I just got a wireless fm mp3 transmitter from ebay for a fiver and works perfectly with out ipod nano and car stereo


The one on dealextreme requires batteries, itrips get the power from the … The one on dealextreme requires batteries, itrips get the power from the ipod.

it comes with adapter and you can charge ipod from it

None of them are good, your better off getting a direct link cable into your stereo aux input if you can.

I have an iTrip which worked perfectly well until the launch of Cheshire FM which stole my frequency!!! Any ideas what to retune to in Cheshire area?

I'd recommend an itrip too, never had any problems with mine, very good sound quality.

I've had several of these for varios generations of Ipod and each and every time I have been disapointed by both sound quality which is frankly awfull and interference which results in you having to fiddle around with your radio and the Itrip to find the best station. Over the course of a long journey you can end up having to do this several times.

The best solution is to buy an adapter for your aux input on your car stereo to a 3.5mm AV jack and then attach your ipod. On older cars I would reccomend buying an ALPINE Ipod compatible head unit which will charge and browse your ipod contents and can be picked up for under £100.

On a lot of newer cars it's worth checking your manual because you may have a seperate 3.5mm AV input in your glovebox, the Ford Focus has one which I found out after reading the book


I use 88.0mhz. Works all the way down the M1 from Leeds to Stevenage with … I use 88.0mhz. Works all the way down the M1 from Leeds to Stevenage with no problems whatso ever, very centr of leeds (and I mean like a 1-2mile radius), it gets interference. Rest of the way down the M1 and everything not a single problem on 88.0.

Thanks for that - it is what I was using but now Chesh FM is on 88.1! so no joy
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