best ipod touch game??

what are peoples opinions on the best ipod touch game??only just bought a touch myself so recommendations would be nice


Baby shaker

Tap Tap Revenge 2 is quite addictive (and free)!


Baby shaker

made me lol:-D

Aircraft sim - any of the X-Plane series
Shoot 'em up - iDracula
Chess - Glaurung
Connect 4 - Touch4

crash bandicoot

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anyone recommend monkeyball

Flight Control

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what do you do on flight control??

you are an air traffic controller. you have to direct planes and helicoppers onto the runways without crashing.

really fun and gets hard. I was addicted for a few days.

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lol wicked just notice its only 59p lol deffo get that now

i would say toybot, really fun simple to understand

dont really like toybot 3, but toybot 2 and 1 are good :thumbsup:

FIELDRUNNERS! costs £1.79 or whatever but its amazing

Pocket God, funny as hell

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whats pocket god???


whats pocket god???

You rule a small island and control what happens to the little critters!
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