Posted 2nd May 2019
As title looking for recommendations for a good iptv to use natively on an LG smart tv. Many thanks for any advise
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    I used one from eBay paid £55 for a year and it stopped working after 6 weeks now claiming through PayPal for refund, so basically whichever you go for best not from eBay
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    Does webOS use the smart iptv application?
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    I'm using Orbital the service has been great 6months in not the cheapest but it does have a lot of TV and vod £80 annually
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    Smart iptv is probably the best of a bad bunch regarding webos apps. It uses an m3u which 99% of iptv providers use anyway so the question is more which is the best iptv. You’re first stop should be the iptvreviews subreddit. You’ll find very detailed reviews on there. My primary account is not available to the public but I use helix as a secondary and I’ve found it pretty stable
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    Smart STB I find the best.
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    Firestick with these guys exclusive app Qvision