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Found 13th Feb
Well this is for my mother really as shes about to move at the end of the month and has checked as shes currently with Virgin and was told they aren't available wheres shes going as its a new build etc so rather than signing her up to any old rubbish i thought id see who/what is worth going for, thx in advance.
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well to begin you need to ask your mother some questions.

how often does she use the internet?
how many people will use the internet?
is she looking for an isp or a broadband, talk and tv package in one?
what does she have at the moment?

you can google best broadband packages and go through different comparing websites like compare the market to find your deal.

virgin are really good it’s a shame it’s not available in the area she’s moving to
Does she want/need/can get FTTC or is ADSL fine? That'll have a big impact on prices and choices.
Plusnet is reliable in my experience with good customer service. Not the cheapest but good value for money. try a comparison site like gocompare to check the best deals if you are simply looking for price though.
Shes the only one who's going to use the internet shes after a phone/unlimited internet package.
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