Best ISP for gaming?

Found 7th Oct 2017
Currently looking for a new ISP as my current one (EE) is absolutely rubbish. The connection keeps dropping and my ping during gaming decides to spike up 600 a bit too frequently. The router they gave me was utter horse poop, but that was easily replaced.

Looking for a fibre connection, around 50mbps would be good and if the ISP offers to pay for any early termination fees that would be even better as I still have 6 months left on my contract.

Not too sure on which ISP handles gaming best which is why I'm asking here but currently have y eyes on BT.
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Im not too sure on the"best" but more whats "best" in your area possibly. I have the choice of Sky and BT and BT are by fair the best in my area and with Rocket League as an example (cant see my ping on PUBG) i dont seem to go over 20 which is ace.

Check this site out as it will tell you what you can and cant have:…ker
Your distance from your cabinet is the biggest factor regardless of ISP when you get to more than 500m away speeds and quality start to drop significantly.
Virgin media?
Ask your neighbours and see what they use and whether they are happy with connection etc..
I done this and went with BT and it's been great, never had any downtime and connection for gaming is spot on!
Most probably virgin but depending on area could be sky or bt
Go for a more technical ISP so you can get the problem sorted out without going through a technical support circus.

Zen, Uno, AAISP etc. etc.
Virgin were ok but streaming to Twitch was a no go, I had their 150mb BB and kept triggering the upload cap, if you don't stream then you'll be ok.

I currently have BT Infinity 2, works perfectly, no issues with the smart hub either, decent ping to any server in the UK or EU.
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