Best Jamaican patty in London or Birmingham?

    Best ( not necessarily cheapest) Jamaican patties in London?


    I use to get some really nice ones from a Jamaican takeaway on Tottenham high Road, Not sure if it's still there?

    In Brixton you can order them from the bakery in the market; they are pretty lush and you can then freeze them.

    Or if you can get to Wolverhampton get the Original Patty Company ones


    Anywhere around Ladypool Rd, Birmingham

    Best place to buy ethnic food in Brum.

    Its not a place to wine & dine but they cater very well for the community & the community love the food
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    Across the road from the KFC in Brixton, there's a Caribbean takeaway. Can't remember the name.


    jerk centre in Wembley

    The best patties in Birmingham has to be fenky janes!

    I buy a box full on the regular from the unit in Hockley, Birmingham.

    There is a company called "Port Royal". They used to be on Willesden just by the company I'm working for. We had fresh hot patties for free from them regulary. Pretty good. Think they moved to Park Royal. You can surely find them by the name.
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