Best Knee support for running

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Found 17th Oct 2016
Recently took up running after a knee operation 18 months ago,looking to purchase a knee support ,Anyone be able to recommend one


These are brilliant, not bulky like most supports. I use mine for cycling.…rt/

It's not just knee support you will need footwear that takes most of the shock if you already have it then the knee support as mentioned above is good.

I use this, I've been using it for 18 months and it's just starting to be loose RDX Neoprene Knee Brace Support Protector Pad Guard Elasticated Sleeve (THIS IS SOLD AS SINGLE ITEM)…QKN

Depends on the severity and type of injury. I had an acl replacement and found the Mcdavid products to be excellent for stability and confidence (football not running mind) I picked up a 425r for around £35…ps/

Don't self diagnose, get a physio to recommend the type of support you need (probably none).

I'm not sure if they aren't more of a fashion statement/ready made excuse.

Hi, my wife had ACL reconstructive surgery. She was told that a knee support is not required for anything other than to give you confidence, ie, it's all in the head.

As others have mentioned, you would be far better served getting your gait analysed and purchasing insoles and shoes to ensure that you are not putting undue stress on the knee.

You should also have been given a number of exercises to strengthen the knee - do not overlook their importance! My wife was tenacious in her attitude towards following these exercises and as a result was able to ski again within a year (although, it was the third year where she felt fully confident again).

Still to this day, she cleans her teeth in the evening balancing on one leg(eyes shut!) / or squatting against a wall with her legs at 90 degrees to continue to build strength / balance.

Try to bring these exercises into your daily routine... Good Luck!
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