Best Laptop deals for ~£400

Little sis is off to uni in September and has asked me to track her down a laptop for around £400.

She wants a standard sized laptop and will only be using it for work, internet, email, music and probably some film watching.

She will may use it with a monitor + wireless KB and mouse when working.

What decent options are around at the moment?


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May be a little out of price range, i have looked and found these so far:

Compaq Presario
Advent Roma 3001
Asus UL30 - smaller and OOS at the mo, but a possibility.
ASUS x5 - Cheapy!

any thoughts on those and maybe any other ideas?

Id second the Compaq as it's an HP brand and you can buy a three year warranty for under £50, well worth it. Whereas most other brands want about three times the price for one. Compaqs/HPs are reliable too.

yeah go for the Compaq, seems the best bet out of the 4 you listed

look for any student deals or discounts
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