Best laptop for £300-£400 advice needed please?

Found 25th May 2017
Hi need some help from the HUKD computer experts please. Want to buy a laptop for my parents, would prefer windows (or maybe one of those ones with windows and they still make these?)

Preferably keyboard and touchscreen
They like having multiple windows open (so i guess more RAM the better?)
SSD? I would like the thing to be quick, not sure how important it is to have SSD over normal HDD though?
Capable of streaming youtube, videos, etc etc

Just want something quick, that can handle multiple tabs and wont grind to a hault eventually. Any advice on which i should go for please?

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6 Comments…345 I'm ordering this for my boyfriend just waiting for BH weekend to see if it goes down
I've had several refurbs from Tesco outlet, all have been brand new.…c=1
I would suggest one of the Chromebooks if it is mainly going to be for Internet browsing and the odd speadsheet/word document.

My wife has had her Samsung one over 8 years and it's still going strong.

No worries about updating applications or virus's as it's all on the Cloud and everything backed up to there.
I'd go for one of the dell inspiron or something similar if your after Windows 10. If your parents are used to Windows then stick with windows, as changing to chrome books or apple will do their head in.
If its for browsing mainly then a dell/lenovo/etc 200-300 quid laptop will do.
Remove all the crap from dell/lenovo/etc after they get it. or better still reinstall windows 10 without their crap, just Microsoft's crap installed :-)
Thanks guys

after reading many reviews online and on here i had a re-think and thought maybe spending £400 is overkill for them.

Bigger screen is preferable. I went around pc world and tesco today and all the ones i liked in terms of size were 15.6 inch

Maybe touch screen isnt needed after thinking about it

I wanted their's to have the full PC version of windows and be a laptop rather than a 2 in 1 or a tablet and a laptop because they used a laptop before and rarely pick up my tablet.

What is decent for £150-£300 for surfing, multiple windows open and streaming stuff........are any of the intel celerons good?
Anybody have any opinion on what this laptop might be like?

Is it decent for the money?
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