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Found 22nd Oct 2006
I know there have been all sorts of laptop deals posted recently, just dont seem to have found exactly what i want!
Was originally hoping to spend £400, but willing to spend that little extra.

Maybe something aorund the specs of this dell:hotukdeals.com/for…ore
but thought i might get 1GB ram for about this price? Or is that wishful thinking?!

Like the idea of a dual core, 15" screen and something that is decent looking.
This is for general home use.
Also thinking about Windows Vista compatibility, will shops start offering upgrades to this for free soon?

Dont know much about laptops, so any help would be appreciated.

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Computer Shopper think that this is your best buy, and I tend to agree......

]Zoostorm 2-6301 15.4" Advanced Laptop

Intel Core Duo T2300E, 512MB RAM, 80GB HDD, 256MB ATI X1600, 15.4" Widescreen

Slightly outside your budget at £579.99, but a bargain.

However, the wait is reportedly 3 weeks of more (they state up to 5) as they are bulit to order.

:pirate: CJ :pirate:
Thanks for that.
Just wondering if i can afford it, nearly £200 over my original budget......
I'll have to have a think
I am looking to buy my kids a laptop for christmas has anyone seen any deals on laptops, looking to spend about £400, possibly a bit more. I want 1GB of memory and a mimumum of 60gb hard drive. I also want it to be wireless, I dont really understand them so any guidance will be appreciated.
Has anybody got any other offerings for the original request?
Are there likely to be new Dell deals this week?

Best off going for a dell laptop

The InspironTM 6400 looks good and has came down from £549 to £489 it also comes with free delivery

and I "think" there is cash back via quidco too
Quidco offer 4.5% cash back making the price just £467 or there abouts
[SIZE=2]Thats the best i can see at the moment...[/SIZE]
If you can wait till Vista arrives (Jan-Feb) then it will be worth while as upgrades are going to start at around £90 for the most basic version. Obviously in Jan i would imagine Dell will ship all laptops with vista already on, not to menchion the post-xmas price drops
[SIZE=2]Could really do with ordering within the week so wont be waiting for Vista. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Some people mentioned in other threds about companies offering an 'upgrade to Vista coupon'?[/SIZE]
Hi everyone.
I am also looking for a Laptop like the original post.
Cannot spend more than £500, but would like to spend less.
I would like dual core and 1024mb RAM if possible.
When do Dell deals change?

Hi everyone.I am also looking for a Laptop like the original post.Cannot … Hi everyone.I am also looking for a Laptop like the original post.Cannot spend more than £500, but would like to spend less.I would like dual core and 1024mb RAM if possible.When do Dell deals change?Thanks

If you want 1GB ram on an otherwise fairly moderate laptop, then buy one with 512MB then upgrade the RAM yourself. Makes it a lot cheaper.
Surely this will invalidate any warranty?
Possibly, depends on the company. Also it usually doesn't require fully opening the laptop up, only unscrewing a little "hatch".

Considering that most warranties on laptops are not the best (and if you want a good warranty it usually costs the same as the laptop did) it might be a good option for the bargain hunters amongst you.
Ok, thanks.
Think i would still like to keep hold of 12 months manufacturers warranty though.
Yeah this is one to check before you buy.

As I said, it doesn't necessarily invalidate the warranty by putting extra RAM in. In some cases its just the extra RAM that's not covered by the warranty.

With a desktop PC, putting extra RAM in requires you to fully open up the case, exposing all the components. This usually isn't the case with laptops.
Thanks for that, i will check before buying then....when i eventually find what i want to buy..........
There are a couple of double memory offfers till 1st November on the Dell Inspiron 1300.

how much are ibms ive heard they make the best laptops, like a average laptop?

There are a couple of double memory offfers till 1st November on the Dell … There are a couple of double memory offfers till 1st November on the Dell Inspiron 1300.]http://www1.euro.dell.com/content/pr...hs1&l=en&s=dhs

cheers, but they are Celeron processors, think i'd be better getting the better processor and adding memory at a later date.

Still thinking the Inspiron 6400 at the moment....shall i order?!
Worried this deal might dissapear after tomorrow!
But still open to offers....

cheers, but they are Celeron processors

I'm quite certain you can overclock the 1.6GHz Celeron M to about 2GHz without any stability issues. There was a feature in a magazine I got a couple of months back investigating whether it was possible to build a custom laptop. They built a few custom laptops for different budgets. They used the 1.6GHz Celerom M in the budget laptop and it was great for overclocking and they also had a 1.8GHz (I think) Pentium M which overclocked to about 2.15GHz without stability issues.
phil i need a laptop aswell, but now iam thinking christmas is not to far away and you know there will be much better deals. so now i am going to wait. whihc i hate
Could i have some opinions on this one please:



Could i have some opinions on this one … Could i have some opinions on this one please:]http://www.comet.co.uk/cometbrowse/product.do?sku=363286&tab=specification#specCheers

Looks like a good deal to me, however it is worth checking Staples store (not online), they may have good deals as well.

Im not really a fan of Comet, cant stand their coustomer services.
Any deals here that look good,refurbished ones though

Hi can anyone tell me if the currys promotional codes can be used in store or just online. I want to buy a laptop but the one I want is collect in store and you cant get the discount off if this is the case, does anyone know how to get the 10% off
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