Best Laptop for £400ish?

    Hi i am looking at a laptop for a friend and was wondering what is the best i will get for around 400ish i dont want to buy online i just want to walk in to a store and buy one tomorrow.

    thanks all help will be repped


    how about this......its not the greatest spec, but you should find it in store to take away from comet, and its core2duo ]http//ww…ion

    but...if you have a tesco with one of these in stock, it would be my choice. ]http//di…spx

    Original Poster Banned

    thanks to you both we ended up getting this ]http//ww…724

    ps rep added

    Good choice! I would have gone for this without the £30 (or £20 cant remember) offer code I had for my Fujitsu Siemens li1718 laptop. I boght it about 3 weeks ago. -…560

    Yours a mine has great spec for the price, great perfromance, you'll be very pleased with it i'm sure!

    Thx for rep and enjoy your new laptop
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