Best laptop for £600?

Found 9th Jul 2006

Im looking to buy a laptop for £600. I have found two good deals I think.

First is the Acer AS5622WLMI at comet.co.uk]http//ww…tml

It has;
T2300 Intel Duo processor
80gb Hard drive
15.4" widscreen monitor
1gb Ram
DVD Recorder

And also the Dell Inspiron 6400 for £610.75

It has;
T2050 Intel Duo processor
100gb Hard Drive
15.4" Widscreen monitor
1gb Ram
NO Dvd writer but 9 Cell battery (the Acer only has 6 cell)

Are these the best near £600 deals out there or are there better? Im going to be living in the states as of September for a year, and I would consider buying a laptop over there if it would work out better value?

Any hints or suggestions would be amazing help.

Thankyou, David

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Hi there,

I have to admit, the Acer deal at comet looks quite good on paper! 3 weeks ago that same laptop was £838 with them. The laptop is very well spec'd, along with the Dell one. I personally have a Dell, and have found them to be very good when it came to problems I had with my Inspiron 6000 (older version of 6400, without the dual core processor). Maybe pop into a Comet shop and check the Acer out.

The Dell laptop is also a good one, but I have to say that not having a DVD writer isn't a small thing, as it's always nice to be able to burn things onto DVD (movies, etc.). Also, on the Dell you could get Quidco cashback of about £25ish. I think to add the DVD writer is about £35.

If you're going to america and will have a mailing address (or know someone already there), you will get a much better laptop for your money if you buy from there! Just had a look and for the Dell, same laptop model (I think also called the Inspiron E1505), with ADDED DVD-writer and Bluetooth (other specs the same) works out to $850 = £460, making it alot cheaper than the english equivalent.
For £600 at the moment ($1100), you can get an amazing Dell laptop by our standards!

Hope that helps a little!!

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