Best laptop for around £400-£500?

    Hey guys looking to buy a laptop. Needs to be able to run photoshop. spec wise i would prefer 3gb ram as minium , would prefer 4gb.

    Dont need a blu ray drive.

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    I just got a laptop from Ebuyer very good value. Good luck.

    Ive got a dell 1750 for sale?

    I am getting rid of my Samsung R720 Core 2 Duo. 4GB Ram, upgraded from original RAM also 500GB HDD just installed from 320GB Original. Also had brand new board installed by Manufacturer and upgraded internal SATA BD Rom DVD DL RW.

    Ideal for Photshop runs CS5 sweet as use it everyday, also run Autodesk and AutoCad on it with no hiccups.
    Has 17.3" 16:9 Widescreen LCD. Ideal as a full desktop replacement. Cost me over £900 last September.

    Can also get added extended warranty even though that is now irelevant under new revised law

    £425 inc Delivery
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