Best Laptop for around £400???

Im hoping to get myself a laptop for my bday...and hopefully will have saved around £400....

The spec id 'prefer' is

NOT toshiba

at least 1gb Ram
at least 100GB HDD
Wireless built in

most are sold with vista now?? i think i do prefer win xp but i can change it so not bothered on OS....

I saw a few refurb ones on pcworld.co.uk that seemed ok, anyone have an opinion on refurb laptops or pcworld in general??

thanks for your help... :-D


as you know taz it's new dell deal day tomorrow so lets see if that brings any worth while lappy deals..thought you bought a second hand lappy on here a month or so back??

Original Poster

i did but its not got that good spec..so i want a good one lol...and give the crap one to my OH...so she keep her hands off my shiny one lol... :thumbsup:

well my bday not till july but i wanna see what i can get for my 'small' money lol
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