Best Laptop for Under £500

I am looking for a laptop to replace my desktop. I mainly use for internet, office and wanting to play some games i.e. Civilization IV.

Can anyone help in finding the best sub £500 laptop to meet my requirements?

Thank you


i would go for this one its a good deal its got intel i3 or i5 for £30 more very good deal i dont think u will find a better one for that price


Not sure in the £500 bracket. My budget was £400 and after much deliberation am plumping this lunchtime for the Argos Samsung deal featured in these hallowed pages. Good luck.

This is a good laptop:…gle

You'd be able to play quite a few games on it.


This is a good … This is a good laptop:'d be able to play quite a few games on it.

Thats not a bad deal, I would choost a Dell over Acer though if it were me.
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