Best laptop for under £600

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Found 14th May 2009
Hi all, looking to buy a laptop for general use, little or no gaming, but plenty of office work. Whats the best one to get, can't afford to spend more than £600.


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Look at Dell website ive had one for 4 years not 1 problem with it. Loadsa change from £600 too

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Thanks looking now

What screen size are you after? Large (17"+) medium (14-17") or small (12"-13.3")?
Does weight matter much?

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Was really after a 17", not too bothered about weight. The Studio 17 on the Dell site looks like a good buy.


Try pricerunner I'd go for a core 2 duo, alteast 2.2gig mhz, 2gig ram, 160gb hd and blue ray player if possible. Should be able to pick up bargain for around £300 mark. Wouldn't bother with the mini linux laptops

If youre not going to spend time on gaming then you wont need to spend near your budget of 600. Around 400-450 would be sufficient

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Thanks all
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