Best Laptop for up to £250

    My father is looking for a decent sized laptop and found this one. Has anyone seen any better deals please? He wants at least a 15" screen please…top


    try lenovo g50

    I had this one for my daughter - nice colour and build but slow.
    I have sent it back.

    Consider used one from Gumtree or eBay (better Gumtree) for a i3 or i5.
    For this price you should find something nice.

    Intel CPU goes in three stages

    Cheapest / worse performance - Celeron

    Middle / average performance - Pentium

    Best - i3 / i5 / i7 (the i7 is the most powerful, next down i5, then lowest i3)

    Your father probably does not need an i7 or i5 but an i3 would be better for him.

    I try to avoid Celeron and Pentium.

    Note my comments above are very general, a "good" Celeron could be faster than a "poor" (older) Pentium etc

    However generally an i3 is a good starting point for a home laptop.

    Note also that the faster the CPU the more battery life it uses so companies like Intel often make SOME CPUs slower to conserve battery life.

    I think the U (Ultra low Power) at the end of the CPU number (Pentium 3825U) denotes one that is designed to save battery life so he may want to go for one without a U at the end (unless battery life is important to him as he will be using it away from home)
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    Thank you. I think he's going to go for this based on your i3 recommendation

    Asus X540LA-XX004T

    I wouldn't it's an HP with 100s of versions so you don't really know why it's cheap as they can swop out all the parts. Asus are good.

    Sadly this i3 CPU in the ASUS also has a "U" at the end.

    Also the i3 in the ASUS is quite old (it came out in 2013) but the Pentium in the HP came out in Q1 2015.

    Of course CPUs got faster between 2013 and 2015 so to be honest the i3 and the Pentium about the same speed.

    On this Passmark web site (that measures CPU speed) the i3 is rated at 2451 but the Pentium at 2627 (the higher number the better)…GHz…GHz

    I know this makes it very complicated but you need to find a NEW "i3" with NO "U" at the end.

    It may cost a little more but if you think how long you keep a laptop it is worth paying a little extra.

    To get help search for "Best i3 laptop"

    I found this article…83/

    Did some more searching to try to help you out.

    The i3 CPUs come in "generations".

    There is the 4th generation that begin i3-4xxx

    Then the newer 5th generation i3-5xxx

    And the recently available i3-6xxx generation.

    Try to go for an i3 5xxx or 6xxx

    How about this Lenovo G50 at Currys for £249.

    Has an i3-5xxx (it has a U at the end but I now realise it is hard to find an Intel laptop CPU without U at the end)…tml
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