Best laptop for video editing, after effects and 3D modelling?

    Hi, does anyone know what's the best possible deal right now for a laptop under £600. The laptop will be used for HD video editing, After Effects, 3D modelling and some games design work in unity. I don't care for PC gaming in all honestly. I'm just clueless as to what I need specwise. Everything on here seems to be about the GPU but as I understand it my needs require more RAM and CPU? This the the best deal I know of as of now. Any help? Thanks.…ver


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    Also any student discounts, cashback offers that could be used would be a bonus!

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    No one? Maybe the Lenovo z50-70 is my best option then?

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    Went out of stock whilst waiting for a reply Should have just bought it. No recommendations for anyone?

    To be honest, for what you're looking to use it for I'd recommend not getting a laptop, but that's probably no the answer you want

    I've used Maya in the past and split some rendering between my desktop and a laptop that was, on paper, technologically superior, the desktop finished its batch in a few hours and the laptop ran for over a day. 3D modelling is really CPU intensive and the mobile CPU simply can't handle it very well.
    And then After Effects is then really GPU intensive.

    So if you are wanting a laptop its highend CPU and dedicated GPU you're after, with lots of ram.
    That one you posted did look decent (I'm no expert though), however you might also want to have a large screen as these things tend to have lots of menu and stage screens all open at the same time, you might struggle on a 15.6"

    Sorry you didn't get a reply, but as Aitur eluded to, you probably asked the wrong question.

    There is no one laptop that is 'Best' for this, but rather there are things you should be looking for in such a machine.

    Fast CPU and lots of RAM should be your first considerations. GPU probably won't have much effect at all. A SSD might help if there's a lot of file access happening, and a large HDD for saving your work will help. Again, as Aitur said, a large screen will help you. Not so much screen size though, but number of pixels. Perhaps look for a laptop that will work with an external display, most will, but check the screen resolutions it allows.

    If you're set on a laptop, you still might want to consider a basic desktop PC for background rendering. Do the modelling work on your laptop, but then transfer it to a desktop for the overnight/intensive tasks. Laptops generally aren't designed for this amount a heavy work. I would suspect you'll have heat issues if you leave it running on a CPU intensive task for many hours.

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    Any rendering in my 3D work would be done on one of the university's computers, it's mainly for real time after effects rendering I'm thinking of. Needs to be a laptop so I can take it with me. Doesn't seem to be any deals running at the minute for my needs/price range
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