Best laptop under £350 ?

Found 7th Aug 2010
Need to find a good laptop for my grandparents. I say laptop as due to age and heath they would need the bigger screens laptops have over netbooks (15 inch) and the larger keypad helps.
Due to age and lack of computer knowledge they don't want anything fancy or top of the range.
Just something to surf the net, play some pop cat style games, messenger and email.

Seen one at play for £340 was just wondering if anyone can beat it.
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cant find the one you seen on play. had a quick look about & this is the best one i could find if you can put up a linky to the one on play i can compare.heres the one i found... hotukdeals.com/dea…709
Play - play.com/PC/…tml

Like I said not really buying for spec. So long as its good for light use of Internet,email, puzzle games, possible watching videos. Has to be a laptop over a cheaper netbook.

The cheaper the better then really.
how about this its the same model as the play one with a better chip & bluetooth & £20 cheaper ebuyer.com/pro…602
or this hotukdeals.com/dea…850 its more or less same spec without hdmi or esata port for £40 cheaper
or this
it too has a better chip than the play one but again no hdmi or esata
the most positive thing for the chip in the play one is it is more energy efficient than the others which is good if your alway's on the go but this comes at a cost of power & if it will always be on the mains it would be irrelevant
if it was my money i would go for the ebuyer deal.good luck
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This Asus currently has £100 off at Argos:)
Thanks for the links peoples. A bit more to consider now. Despite them not needing or wanting higher specs is the little extra worth it ?. Would it help general use and speed or is the saving worth it ?.

http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/5083046/Trail/searchtext%3ELAPTOP.htmThis Asus currently has £100 off at Argos:)

good find bhoy56

the asus that bhoy linked would be my first choice, Asus are a very good brand, then the ebuyer deal.
either of the two have roughly about 35% more processor power than the play one this can make all the difference down the line by the time the newness wears off and you got all your antivirus & other software running on it, it will start to slow, this can ruin the experience for some people, like me.
this is just my view i'm no expert, i went through the whole laptop buying game twice in the last year & its a minefield, I bought my daughter a toshiba with the chip in it that the play one has & after i had it all set up with antivirus itunes ect it had started to slow a little so i had to take out all the crapware that comes with pc's these days & it made alot better.
good luck...

http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/5083046/Trail/searchtext%3ELAPTOP.htmThis Asus currently has £100 off at Argos:)

Item seems to be out of stock at the moment but current selling price is valid until 21/01/2011 according to website.
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