Best Laptop With £500 Budget

    Hi all, Im looking for a new Laptop, mwanting it to be able to connect to a hdtv, play hd movies e.g x.264. Any Ideas? As title says £500 budget.



    I don't know if this is any use.

    Computershopper Magazine April edition recommends

    HP Compaq 6720s PRICE: £490inc VAT from Laptops Direct
    While the other laptops here come with Windows Vista Home Premium, the HP has Vista Business. For an explanation of the main differences, see the box on page 75. The screen is more business- than home-oriented, too, as it's the only one that doesn't have a glossy finish. This means that blacks aren't as dark and whites aren't quite as white as on the other screens, but it doesn't suffer from the strong reflections that can make the other screens hard to see when outdoors or under ceiling lights. The keyboard is firm and responsive, and the touch pad is the best here.

    The Compaq 6720s has a 160GB hard disk, which is one of the largest in the group. 10GB of the disk is reserved for a restore partition, as the 6720s doesn't come with any restore discs. This is the only laptop with Bluetooth, so you can connect wirelessly to a mobile phone.

    The 6720s's 2GHz Core 2 Duo processor is the fastest in the group, and gave its scores in our graphics-editing and video-encoding benchmarks a significant boost. The laptop was the fastest in the group in all our benchmarks apart from multitasking, where its 1GB of memory hampered its performance. It was still the joint-fastest in this benchmark, and easily came top overall with 151. Intel's integrated graphics don't stand a chance of running the latest 3D games, but this is hardly a factor at this price. Battery life is average for the group at two hours and 46 minutes.

    HP's Compaq 6720s isn't bursting with alluring features, but its seriously fast Windows performance and good keyboard and touch pad are impressive for the price. It's a Best Buy.

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    Thanks, Can anyone think of any others?

    Do you want it to have a high definition drive or just a decent graphics card to play movies?

    Recently got a HP Pavillion DV9000 for £550 from Currys - so should be cheaper elsewhere. Superb laptop, 17" Widescreen, 2gb RAM, DL DVD, All the other usual gubbins + Remote Control and quick media 'touch' keys!!

    There are a few well specced Dell laptops under £500 in the Deals forum at the moment

    Though your choice may be governed by how you want to connect the laptop to your TV; if you want to connect via HDMI then in your price probably the Inpiron 1525,(not sure if there are any great deals on this model currently though) though you maybe able to stretch to one of the XPS models depending on your other requirements which I think are the only other Dells with an HDMI connection

    If you don't need a HDMI connection and would just use the VGA connection then there are quite a few good deals on Dells that would do the job

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    Are either of these any good, Im stretching the budget abit.


    or ]This

    And about the above question. I dont think i'd have a problem with vga.

    can't get either of the links to work

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    try now. think it should be fixed
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