Best laptops for video and photo editing

Found 27th Dec 2017
Hi all,

Bit of advice needed. I'm looking at laptops again since my last one was stolen and I now have the insurance payout.

I'm seeing a lot of gaming laptops, decent Dell ones on pc world for around £799 with the VR headsets etc.

My only question is, is this kind of laptop good for video editing or am I going way above what I need?

I'm used to having SSDs in my laptops so I'm aiming for that and a decent HQ processor, be it a i5 or i7.
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It depends what video format you want to edit. If you are editing very high quality like 4k 60hz uncompressed, then you might well need a high end system (forget laptops) with dual CPUs. If it's standard HD 30hz then a mid-range gaming laptop might be fine.
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