Best Lcd Deal Wanted

    Hi Everyone
    My Old TV has just Shown its last Programme and died
    I Have been looking around to find the best deal out there for a LCD TV but there are so many out there Can anyone who has brought one in the last couple of weeks recommend one that has all the features like HD,1080,FREEVIEW,etc
    My Budget is approx £500.00 and would like the tv size between 32 to 40 inches Screen


    get a plasma...............

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    why plasma
    I thought they was being phased out…tml

    This any good? I know it's 42" but looks a nice set. You have loads of options though!

    not many 32-40" plasma tvs out there.
    Panasonic, LG thats about it.

    as for the 1080p, unless you have a blu-ray or PS3, you don't need it.
    it won't give you any better resolution on freeview, sky or cable than a 720p tv.

    I'd recommend Panasonic for overall quality
    LG range for sound
    Samsung for design & price

    stay away from shops own brand and no namer LCDs.

    if you can see it working, check to see how much the image quality alters when you move from directly infront of it to off axis to either side, above and below.
    if it only alters marginally, then its a good set, if it starts to turn into a negative...don't bother.

    Also don't JUST be swayed by the temptation of the holy grail on TVs, a free 5 year guarantee.
    lots of places offer them, one of them, Empire Direct has just gone under. guarantee void.
    if you can, get a copy of the terms & conditions of the warranty before you buy.
    what does it cover?
    breakdown? call out fees?
    do they have a max turnaround time for repairs?
    does the free warranty depreciate each year as the TV does?
    so if your TV cost £500 and in 16 months time is valued at £350 and the repairs cost £300 all told, do you only have £50 of warranty left?
    do they replace like for like?
    do they cover accidental damage? if they do and you claim, does the guarantee still run on the replacement set or once you've claimed is it used up?


    why plasmaI thought they was being phased out

    whoever told you that knows zip all about tvs

    Plasma is reckoned to give a more realistic overall picture and better blacks than LCD although LCD has the shop wow factor as images generally appear brighter or more lively in store which conveys an impression of better sharpness. It's up to you really.

    If you're not that bothered about full HD capability (and there are some who would argue that it's largely irrelevant at screen sizes below the mid 40s inches) then a good deal may be had from Richer on the Samsung PS42A457 plasma at £479.95 (or £527.90 including 5 year warranty)…457


    whoever told you that knows zip all about tvs

    Plasma is great for picture quality.

    ive got the 42 panisonic th42px80b....its only 720 but looks great and xbox looks great to.
    my friends have lcds and 1080 at that and they all like my plasma better....i didnt want a 42 or bigger as my old tv was only 32 but now i have it it looks great and well happy........
    try richer sound if theres 1 near but not checked prices. i payed £425 at xmas
    hope this helps..

    richersound will price match and so will john lewis to give you 5 years warranty if you can find 1 cheaper..

    remember that John lewis 5 year warranty is a limited one.
    its not full cover.
    its certainly better than nothing but its not something I'd personally hinge my choice on, I'd rather go to Richer Sounds and pay the bit extra for the extra cover.
    however 5 years is a long time in TV world.
    we'll be in 2014 by then, who knows what TVs will be like by then!

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    Thanks for all your replies i will be going out at the weekend to have a look myself so keep the recommendations coming and hopefully i would have made my mind what to go for
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