Best Lee Evans DVD to buy????

Found 10th Dec 2009
Looking to buy my neighbour the new Lee Evans DVD for xmas but having read the reviews on Amazon, it is a best of previous shows not new material.

Could anyone tell me which DVD from his back catalogue would be a good one to get?

Thank you.


the best of one is good value but if you want just one show any of these are good

the most recent:…tml

another good one…tml

and one of my faves:…tml

but all of them are good really, so take your pick

i fail to find him as funny as some people say he is

very helpful for the op :roll:;-)

I love him, "surprise a burglar! Rob his house!". Class!

Got to be the Weird and Wonderful gig - best one

XL tour? tht the one?

the world of lee evans although not live is really good

the cheapest perhaps

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the cheapest perhaps

Very helpful...even I could have put my single brain cell to use and come up with that answer!! Rather have a good dvd than the cheapest as I value my friends.

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i fail to find him as funny as some people say he is

each to their own.

I think the one live at the o2 is the best one, was crying with laughter most of the way through!


awful comedian

get them the jason manford, jimmy carr, russell brand, andy parsons, russell howard, rhod gilbert dvd

all got new dvds out and much much much more funnier than lee evans

xl tour is the best of the 3 without a doubt

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Thank you for all the suggestions. It came down to the XL Tour or the Scotland one sp I ordered the XL tour as it was more recent.

Fern :thumbsup:

all of them x
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