Best lightweight laptop please...

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Found 20th Jan 2008
Hey dudes.

Would love a new lightweight laptop. My one is dying, after only a year, and need a new one as it is used everyday.

What is the best deal out there at the mo??

Cheers peeps

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What's your budget?

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Would prefer it to be about £500 but if not then close to that??

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he he he :whistling:

Nah I'm a teacher so I'm always working;-)

Only office and net surfing. Nout too techie

Waaaaaay out of your (and mine) budget, but the new macbook air is rather lovely.


I suppose it all depends on the definition of lightweight...

There are lots of 12.1in screens out there but do you want something that small?

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as long as I can hook it up to the projector in school, can write worksheets and spend shed loads of time just surfing the net then...

I currently have the philips freevents one......what a waste of dosh that was!!? But it is light...:-D


iv got freevents to your right its a peace of **** waiste of 700

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**** innit. Pissed me right off.

Hi - first post although I have been a lurker (and grabbed quite a few of the bargains!) on here for a while.

Will this interest you Hrobo?

I have an ultra-portable Sony VGN-TX3HP which I bought 15 months ago for about £1,300 which I am going to sell as I have just replaced it with an even more expensive dual core mechine. The case is carbon fibre so it is light as they come (1.25kg) and is only about an inch thick. It has a superb Onyx Black 11.1 inch screen (and no dead pixels that I have noticed), and measures slightly less than A4. It also includes a DVD rewriter. It also has amazing battery life. I get up to seven hours from it.

I am a photographer and I have been using it to take around in a backpack-style camera bag when I travel as it fits in a compartment at the back - useful with the one-bag rule at airports.

The laptop has XP Professional and I added memory to take it to 1.5GB, which I will leave in. I also stupidly took the extended warranty with Dixons and forgot to cancel it while I still could. I am pretty sure that applies to the machine rather than the buyer, although i haven't checked so I can't say for certain. It still has something over 18 months to run, though. I haven't looked for it yet as I hadn't got round to getting it ready to sell. But I do have it somewhere and would obviously throw that in.

I still have the original box, and all the original disks and books. It's a great little machine. Here are a couple of reviews: tech.co.uk/com…3hp and pclaptop-review.com/200…ew/.

mod edit: left in most of your first post - please start a thread in the FS forum if you want to sell items here as trading outside of there isn't allowed - thanks


iv got freevents to your right its a peace of **** waiste of 700

Just out of (genuine) interest guys, what problems have you had with the Freevents?

Girlfriend's got the X55 (running XP MCE) and I think it's a great machine, not sure what the replacement models were like, though. Got a friend who loves his too (his girlfriend's got one too) both running Vista, don't seem to encounter any major problems either.

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