Best linux

    to dual boot with windows 7 for a newb.



    opensuse 11.2 out in november. Or ubuntu.

    have a spare pc with ubuntu and seems fairly straight forward
    still have the odd issue installing some software but most if it self installes just put a tick in the box

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    Is linpus linux able to freely download? or any other linux preferences

    I've had a lot of success with Ubuntu. When you install it automatically configures your computer for dual boot. You can always try the Live version which runs from CD first without touching your harddrive and if you like it there's an option to install it.

    As you don't know which is best, I guess you're just trying it out. I'd suggest running it from a pen drive or cd rather than loading it onto the hard drive.

    Its much easier to install a dual boot system than it is to uninstall it. So best to just try it out first as I say above. Incidentally, the one I'm stuck with is Ubuntu
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