Best long range modem router

    Seeking advice, wanting to upgrade router any help advice appreciated...


    Probably will get shunned but the BT Smart Hub (6) has been the best (reasonably priced) one I've ever had. Used to get TP-Link but found BT's is far more reliable.

    Adsl or fibre?

    Never found modem routers to be reliable. My set up for past few years is a seperate adsl/vdsl modem (bt hg612 unlocked) and a dedicated wireless router (Asus rt-ac87u). I get full range of the 4 storey house.

    If you were looking at a modem router the TP-LINK Archer VR range are meant to be good value for money and the higher spec ones have the MIMO wireless which allow better handling of devices on the network.

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    Currently on fibre, I do have a separate modem somewhere if that would be the best option but preferred an all in one
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