best malware spyware etc protection.

    my mrs downloaded a screen saver app for her vaio today and we have had to reinstall windows due to the problems that it caused.

    It had a message box that would not leave the screen saying there was loads of problems found and giving the option to leave it or get rid of them. however the message wouldnt go.

    We both have macaffe running but it didnt stop these. i am not 100% sure what this type of problem is but it has highlighted the problem for us both in that we dont have anit maleware or spyware etc.

    I dont mind paying for some that is good put would like to be as covered as possible. we are both changing to AVG too after this also.

    Anyone got any recomendations?





    ^^^ this…tml

    make sure you re-boot PC after running to complete scan/clean

    SUPERAntiSpyware, have used this for a long time and has had excellent write ups



    Look no further. Malwarebytes is free and excellent. Quick scan normally sorts all problems.

    If you have the problem that most of my friends have had when the file type is not reconised just right click on Internet explorer and run as admin. And then the same for installing malware antibytes

    Malwarebytes is very good... but the realtime protection mode needs to be activated by registering the product. So the free version is good at one off scans if you think you have a problem, but doesnt really protect and intercept threats.

    However plenty of keygens out there ;-)
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