Best Memory Card for a 12 megapixel Camera phone?

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Found 29th Jul 2009
Have ordered a Samsung Pixon 12, just wondering if an 8GB micr SD card would be sufficient in it, considering the size of the photos plus be saving some videos on it?

Seems the 16Gb ones are a hell of a lot dearer!

Also, does the class number on the card make much difference in a mobile phone?


christ how many photos would you get on that??? I guess taking videos will take up a lot off sapce. Ive only got a 126mb in my mobile and a 2gb in my camera. Thats plenty for me.

8Gb card will be fine. it will get you over 1000 photos easily. no need to waste money on a 16Gb i think
and the Class of the card means the Write Speed (the higher the better), but doesn't matter much to amateur photographers, it's mostly with expert photographers that need high classed cards to get better pictures

Its fine I have a 12mp camera and 8Gb card will give you about 1300 photos

no true about the card speed - get as fast a one as you can - time before next shot and start up speend serious flawed be slow card and if you are shotting multiple shots it really matters

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ok, this bad boy be ideal then...…986

Transcend a decent brand?


ok, this bad boy be ideal … ok, this bad boy be ideal then... a decent brand?

That's fine yes
and it is true about the Write Speed Class. i have Class 4's and 6's and it's hard to notice the difference unless you are not an amatuer. and lets face it, would an expert photographer be using a mobile phone to take a good picture? no is more likely the answer

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ok cheers for the advice
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