Posted 27 November 2023

Best men's Sandalwood type aftershave


Looking for some male inspo/recommendation. My partner loves Creed however, we all know it is expensive. He had this for a gift one year and loved it since. He loves sandalwood / woody scents. Any recommendations from males of an alternative, long lasting brand?
Many thanks
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  1. ZanderKaneUK_'s avatar
    Have a look at the Dup's in places like Lidl Aldi, B&M's, Home Bargains etc
    The smell can match very closely to the original just the duration won't be there.
  2. 999's avatar
    Which Creed?

    Whichever it is, go on Fragrantica and find it, it gives you the profile of the scent (sandalwood etc). Then try and find something with a very similar profile. You can click on sandalwood and it will give you all the profiles that score high on sandalwood, for example.

    Specifically, but without knowing which Creed, what about Sauvage, or Valentino Noir. (edited)
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