Best Mesh Wi-Fi System (NETGEAR or Linksys)

Found 2nd Aug 2017
Hi, I need some advice on selecting the best mesh Wi-Fi

Currently have Virgin Media Vivid 200 broadband which is
ultrafast fast but the Wi-Fi coverage of Virgin Media Hub 3.0 is very poor.

So far, I have tried TP-Link RE650 AC2600 Universal Dual
Band Range Extender but discovered that it only slightly improves the coverage
but not to great extent.

Currently trialling BT Whole Home Wi-Fi as it’s a bit better
than the Wi-Fi extender but the discs needs to be placed around 5-7 metres of
each other, otherwise they are being marked as in good location (not excellent)
on the BT Whole Home Wi-Fi app as the app is very basic and does not give any
detailed analysis; still this system does not cover the whole house and the download
speeds do vary dramatically as even though most of the devices do support
wireless AC connectivity.

Now looking at the following two as I know they are
expensive but really need fast Wi-Fi connection throughout the whole house.

NETGEAR RBK53-100UKS Orbi Whole
Home Wi-Fi System 525 sq m [5700 sq ft] Coverage (AC3000 Tri-Band with Router
and Two Satellites)


Linksys Velop Tri-Band AC6600 Modular True Whole Home Wi-Fi
Mesh System - Works with Amazon Alexa, Pack of 3 (WHW0303-UK VELOP)

NETGEAR kit is due to be released on 21/08/2017 but the AC3000 Tri-Band with Router and Satellite are
currently available.

I am wondering that whether someone
can share their experience of the using the above or provide some other suggestions?

One thing I have noticed is that there is no option to give
the 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz separate network SSID’s on any of the mesh systems out
there as I would prefer to have 5 GHz network only but there is no such option

Thank you in advance.
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There is this one above

Review/installtion of it here:
If you're willing to spend hundreds then Is running ethernet cables to an access point in every room an option? That's by far the best technical solution and easily upgradable for faster wi-fi and internet standards in future.
Have you tried Ethernet Over Power plug ins? That way you can plug an ethernet cable into a proper access point and get a better signal?

Running ethernet cables in not an option due to the coverage required.

Powerline adaptors works ok on the nearby downstairs circuits but on the upstairs the speeds attained are very poor, hence the reason looking at Mesh Wi-Fi Systems.

Any other suggestions.

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