Best method to call USA from UK mobiles

Found 2nd Sep 2007
Hi, just a quick one... does anyone know of any deals on calling abroad (USA) from mobiles?

I tend to call using 18185 from my landline, however was wondering if any such deal was available on any mobile network for a good price. If anyone could provide even just suggestions, I'd be very grateful... I know 3's X-Series allows skype however the other side would require skype too.

If you could help, would very much appreciate it. Many thanks.
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If its a quick call

Orange do a decent 20p per minute to USA Landlines and mobiles [with no connection charge] which is cheaper then ringing an orange to vodafone mobile.
Sky currently have a really good thing going on with landlines and stuff. Well when i got it it was on not too sure now though. But basically i pay a £5 a month on top of BT line rental and i get free calls to all US landlines and UK and some other european countries too.

I know its not mobile but just thought id mention it lol
If you happen to have one of these phones then it's free on [url]www.truphone.com[/url] until 31st December 2007

Nokia E60, E61, E61i, E65, E70 E90, N80 Internet Edition and N95.
Thanks for the replies... already have the Sky £5/month deal, and yep it's free to both landlines and mobs I believe, however was looking at a deal from mobiles, thanks! Will check out the truphone site; by the looks of the phones I'm guessing truphone uses the WLAN connectivity of them..

Thanks again!
Plenty of ways of calling US from a mobile for either pennies or free from inclusive minutes on a contract.

One of the easy ways is to use 18185 as a call through - check their site for the mobile number

Remember you will pay for the call to 18185 and then their rate of a penny a minute or 2p to USA mobiles.
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