Best mid-ish spec phone on a budget?

Posted 27th Dec 2019
Howdy folks!

I'm looking at a phone for my mother in law - she's currently on an old Nokia running Windows Phone OS which is obviously very end of life, so time for an upgrade!

At the moment the best "price/functionality" balance I have found is the 4GB/64GB Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 on Amazon for £151.

Does anyone have any suggestions on whether I can get better bang for my buck around that price point, or is that a decent enough deal?

The main things we're looking for are:

- Good Camera. This is probably the number 1 requirement.
- Decent battery life/fast charging.
- Expandable memory/SD Card slot is a very nice to have, but not essential
- Decent price. This one is obviously fairly key!

Thanks to anyone who has thoughts, even if it's just "Get the Note 7!" :-) I've been buying flagship phones for years so I'm terrible at the lower price point phones!

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Something worth looking at is the moto g7 power , not sure about the camera but she’ll appreciate not charging it every other day and the screen dimensions imo she will also appreciate.

edit, it was going for £99 on Black Friday and I think it’s around £130 now. May go low again next week ...dunno mat
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I would go for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T 4GB/64GB, on eglobal for £124.99
Iv ordered at least a dozen times from them, never had a to pay extra fees
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