Best mobile contract?

    Hi all,

    Think this is my first post, (long time lurker), so sorry if this is in the wrong section.

    Orange just terminated my contract with them 4 days early and say there is nothing they can do about it, so I can't upgrade with them. Annoying, but there coverage is pretty poor, so I guess its not too bad. Any ideas? What are the best deals people are getting as new customers? Want a fairly decent phone to sell on ebay too....

    Any ideas?





    Ok so the phones aren't great but 1100 units (minute or text) and if you put a number in for refer a friend you both get 30 credit on your bill. Cant go wrong imo.

    Go for the T-Mobile Combi or Solo on [url][/url]
    I took 2 contracts & am very very very very happy with the deal :-D

    have a look at ]http//wh….uk

    they try to find the best deals available each day

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    cool, cheers for the help.

    that 'mix and match 1100' plan for 20 quid a month looks too good to be true - in fact its cheaper than the mix and match 700 and 900.

    and what is the quidco thing about. they pay me 62 quid for buying the mix and match 1100 online??? nice....

    *edit, oh you have to pay extra for the phone per month.... thats a bit ****. maybe the quidco will offset that....

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    right I'm going for the mix and match 1100 package for 20 quid a month.

    Can I also use a promotional code for 20 quids worth of accessories in conjunction with quidco? Thats not going to mess it up is it?

    18 month contract, 1100 minutes + 300 minutes to 3 owners, and a phone that I can get about 100 quid for on ebay (classic nokia 6500). 62 quid cashback via quidco.

    18 x 20 = 360 - 62 - 100
    = 198 over 18 months
    = 11 pounds per month

    Not bad IMO.

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    *bump. Anyone?

    I'm new to quidco, so I'm not sure if using a promo code at the checkout will spoil my chances of cashback.

    Sorry for hassling, but am about to order

    Have sent you a mail j3ff3
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