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Found 15th Jan 2011

Can anyone help me with a new contract. Im looking for a contract with new phone.

I need about 200 mins and 50 Txt.

Im after a top phone like iphone 4, Htc, Blackberry etc.

I dont know which is good in the blackberry or htc phones. What would you recommend?

Best deal is the iphone tesco deal for 12 months. only downside is the £350 cash but the phone would be £500+ to buy anyways so I think its a good deal.

Please let me know which phones are good and whats best deals going.

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£25 for 24 Months??

Way too much.

Iphone deal would cost £590 and this deal would be £600. but the iphone deal is 12 monthys which is better for me. I hate 24 month deals, unless its a good one like the one I was on. £5 for 24 months with top nokia phone.
There are loads of comparison sites like handymobiles.co.uk around that list most of the deals available, also good rebates from quidco available.
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This recently reached 1595 degrees ..


£10 SIm only deal

and there are other deals there too, including phones
Best deal on the Iphone4 around now is the one you found pay £349 up front then 20 pound for 12 mths total cost £589.00 as you say cheapest PAYG is 500+a sim card Nice looking and brilliant phone too esp compared to the ugly ducklings that are knocking about like the HTC :-)
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Yes been looking at the £10 sim only aswell, May just go for iphone 4 as its 12 months contract. Still have about 3 weeks plus to get new contract as O2 carphone warehouse could offer me no deals to stay with them. They dnt care abt customer service even though been with em for years!

Thanks for the info.
Also would you pay a bit more and get the 32GB or is 16gb enough?
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