Best mobile (contract or payg) for International texting

    I require a mobile service with cheap international texts to Oz and New Zealand. This is a new requirement and will continue for most of the coming year.

    I'm currently vodafone pay as you go and the texts are costing me 24p each at the moment to a foreign sim.

    I'm open to changing to a contract with more free texts than minutes if that's the better option. But am also willing to stay payg, but I'm just basically trying to find out what's best for my circumstances.

    As far as the phone is concerned, I'm quite keen on the Sony Walkman series, but the priority here is trying to get the cheapest foreign texts possible!

    Many thanks in advance for your help! :thumbsup:

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    I'm on O2 PAYG and international texts cost 20p but for a one off fee £4.99(?) you get half price international calls and texts so thats 10p per text, not sure about the calls though.

    I am also interested in any deals anyone knows of. I text frequently to the US and it can get pretty expensive...:o
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