Best Mobile Data Plan?

Found 17th Sep 2010
I found a free program for my Windows Mobile phone (which has GPS) which offers location sharing via Facebook, but it's recommended you have a 3G data plan.

I don't plan on downloading a lot of data and I'm looking to spend an absolute minimum, but I'm not too keen on plans that charge you heavily if you go over a limit. But the bottom line is, I'm looking for a simple and cheap data plan. I'd say at least 100-200MB a month, probably more.

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Anyone at all? (Won't bump again, just once. :P)
if it shows your location via gps, that shouldn't use any data.

anyway, the tesco deal seems to be very popular at a tenner a month with plenty data.
It may retrieve the location data via GPS, but it needs 3G to post to Facebook and to download information about others' location sharing. Thanks, I'll check out the Tesco plan.
Why not consider giff gaff, at the moment they offer free data until December.

Just looked at the site. Interesting. So I just top up £10 and then I have the data until December?
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Yes that's correct, however it is subject to a fair use policy of 100mb per day.
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