Best Mobile Deal for a Family - Shared Credit ?

    We curently have 4 PAYG mobiles (all unlocked) on different networks (Virgin, Vodafone and Orange). I am looking for a PAYG deal whereby I can load credit onto a phone which is shared between the handsets. I have seen that do a good system and their rates seem ok.

    I looked at O2 and they have a bolt on for £7.50 a month for unlimited calls between the handsets but that is not really dishing out credit to each of the handsets.

    I looked at the vodafone website but I couldn't see it on there. T-Mobile have a booster option which is the same.

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    Vodafone, one pays £5 a month then up to 4 can call each other whenever you like for up to an hour at a time…ne/

    T Mobile does a similar one, £5 a month and that includes calls and texts for up to 4 people but, whereas 3 can be PAYG customers the one paying the £5 has to be on the Combi, Flext or Solo tariffs…rs/

    O2 is £7.50 a month for the organiser and up to 4 other people and that includes calls, texts and picture messages within the group…ton

    None of these permit calls outside the group, you'll have to top up each number as necessary.

    Family Mobile seems to come the closest to what you are looking for but, at the end of the day, it's just the same as saying to everyone 'look, you've got £5 this month and there's no more till next month' but they still charge 9p/min for calls and 6p per text. That being the case the best bet is ]http//as…com as they charge 8p/min for calls and 4p per text.

    Handset prices on Asdamobile are relatively high but you can use a Vodafone handset and the Asda SIM will work in it (you might need to change a few settings but that's it).

    Having said all that, if your communications are entirely, or almost entirely, by text then you could consider T Mobile PAYG. Get one, create account(s) on the T Mobile site and switch immediately to the 'Text Appeal' tariff, calls cost a bomb but texts to all UK mobiles are 3p each.
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