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Found 25th Jul 2006

I am currently on O2 PAYG and text a lot to the US. It costs 20p to send one text so as you can imagine, the costs are racking up! :eek:

Does anyone know of a good mobile plan/deal where international texts are cheaper? I don't really need to make international calls, just text (works better for me due to the 8hr time difference etc).

Many thanks
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Maybe one of the TMobile FlexT deals which lets you use your money in a variety of ways. It may be an option...
I dont know about making txts abroad but does the free txts allowance work with sending to a mobile abroad? Even if the mobile number/owner happens to be a fellow brit, who lives here but has gone on holiday abroad with their phone.

I ask coz my girlfriend is over in New York teaching I.T. and English as a summer placement inbetween her penultimate and final yr at university (lucky girl). I txt her a LOT too it charges her to recieve my calls and the 5 hour difference of course dont help either. I haven't recieved or checked my bill lately but i hope it aint reached a silly figure.
Im on Virgin pay as you go and so is my girlfriend. She is in Greece at the moment. I have been texting her and rang her twice. Just checked the calls ive made online and the texts are showing up at zero cost (virgin offer of free texts to other virgin customers - normally 3p). 2 minute 56 sec call cost me 32p. 3 minute 29 sec cost 53p. Must be a glitch on their system (yes the girlfriend is definitely in Greece! :thumbsup: )

Must be a glitch on their system

Not necessarily - two uk phones will send texts at the regular rate; see how much your girlfriend was charged to receive the calls!

When abroad most networks allow you to recieve texts free of charge; calls and texts sent though are often at a dreadful rate.
Oh bugger, it dont look good then for me.
Not really mate - go at it sideways -

send her a uk sim card -then you are sending the texts to a uk phone so the charge will be the norm or free. I did it when i was in australia - get her use the cheapest handset she can lay her hands on in the US or even an adapter to use 2 sims in the same phone.

christt - can you say something more about the adaptors for two simes in one phone?
Thanks christt for that - worth further investigation - at present I've two phones (work and personal) and if I could use just one, that would be great.

Both are 6230i but that's not listed :-(

Still, I'll scout around and see what I come up with.
No probs mate - then you can use the works phone and after the year is up sell the virtually untouched one on ebay :evil:

Those little devices are all coming from the far east electronics workshops - they can supply anything and everything that you could want. it just takes a bit of hunting.

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