Best Mobile deal with W900i please


    My current Vodafone deal is up for renewal and I hope you fine people might be able to help me out.

    For my last three contract renewals, I have hunted around the web and find the phone I wanted with the best deal on any Network. I would then go back to Vodafone and tell them to match it. The point of the exercise was to keep the same mobile number and save some pennies.

    When you call in, if you are persistant enough with the first line of script reading monkeys they will pass you onto the contracts dept. I found the line...

    "Are you telling me that I should go with O2 (or whoever)?" wonders and will get you transferred through to the contracts dept. These guys will match the deal without any quibbles and can also be good for a few free accessories too.

    My initial searches around the web are not yielding any better deals than Vodafone's own website.

    I want a Sony-Eric W900i on the Anytime 75 network.

    This deal is
    £16 a month (first 3 months 1/2 price)
    £100 for the phone (too much I think)
    18 month Contract

    My problem is that these days I am very much more office based these days and with Skype at home, I don't really need any more minutes. This could be the problem in itself. A low revenue tariff doesn't give me much negotiating power.

    Does anybody out there know of a better deal (on any network)?

    I would consider a different phone if people feel that the W900i isn't up to much.

    Many thanks in advance,

    PS Cracking site... BTW

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