Best mobile payg O2 for around £50?

Found 23rd Sep 2008
Looking for a cheap mobile for around £50. Had my trusty old 3100 for over 5 years now I think, still works fine but it lacks features of the modern phones.

Ideally I want
-Decent camera
-Radio, MP3 is also good
-Must have an Alarm
-Needs to work on O2 payg, Ideally wont have to unlock.

Apprecaite any advice, thanks.
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samsung e250, currentely on sale at argos for £34.99, my fella has one and these are great for the price.
Vodafone do the E250 for £27, Unlocking should just cost you £5

Or We are doing the phone for £35 in store already unlocked, if you need just the one let me know and I could give it to you for £35 new, unlocked and posted for that price...

There arent a lot of phones for that price that have both bluetooth and microsd support, we sell lots of these

Also the Moto K1, Argos had these for £50 most can be unlocked for £5-£10 some are more awkward, there is also the SE W350i for £50 at argos if you can find one in stock anywhere
Cheers for the advice.

I've been looking at the E250, seems good enough. Iwas thinking of trying Tescos as I get 10% discount.
Will have a look around town tomrrow whilst I have a long break. Cheers.
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