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    Hi looking for recommendations for a mobile phone with excellent camera, must also be quad band. Originally looked at the S4 but having read the reviews changed my mind.


    Nokia lumia or xperia z2/z3

    Happy with the pics from my samsung s4 and my partner is always moaning at me that my pictures are a lot better than hers

    One pic as below…jpg

    LG G2 or Xperia Z2

    looks like your going to get various answers so you need somewhere where they review the mobiles and show sample images - voila see…250

    All phones use the same image sensors from sony apart from the nokias and the new samsung s5 and sonys z2/3.

    All the other samsungs and the lgs use the same 13 mp sony sensor with tweaks.

    Effectively choice is:

    Sony z2/3
    Samsung s5
    Nokia lumia
    All others

    Best to read detailed reviews, take a look at the photos and make your mind up from those. For a more objective measure take a look at photo testing images, like the ones professionals use. It's worth taking the time to learn about that if you're serious about getting a good camera phone.

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    Oh good grief, I'm even more confused lol.
    The phone is a christmas present for my dad and the only thing he has stipulated is it has a good camera.
    I've had a look at the S4 K zoom which gets good reviews on tech radar, does anybody have one of these?

    Z1 has an excellent camera, if for indoors though I would recommend something with a zenon flash like the Nokia

    HTC M8 has a good camera - Better than my other halfs S5

    Without a shadow of doubt - Nokia Lumia 1020 - there is no better camera on a phone.


    I've had a look at the S4 K zoom which gets good reviews on tech radar, … I've had a look at the S4 K zoom which gets good reviews on tech radar, does anybody have one of these?

    I've had a K Zoom for a few months now and am really pleased with it.
    Image quality is excellent and it's a decent mobile too.

    What are you looking to take pictures of? Back in 2013 I went on holiday (bought the S4 the day before I went) - packed up my nice 'proper' camera but realised I had forgot the charger when I arrived. As such, I had to use the S4 for all of my holiday photography - and I was genuinely amazed at how good they were, i'm not the best photographer in the world - merely an amateur but I was really impressed with the scenic and macro photos etc. The only failing will be zooming.

    Unless you are a bit of a 'Pro' I very much doubt you would notice any of its apparent shortcomings. Despite what you read in reviews most users would be hard pressed to spot the difference between pictures taken by similar camera phones.
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    Was just about to post when I found your thread - what did you decide in the end? x

    Nokia has always been really good on the camera front.

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    A massive thank you to everyone for your advice. We went with the Samsung K zoom, it had good reviews I also bumped into a friend who has one and after having a good look at the features decided this would be what Dad was looking for.


    LG G2 or Xperia Z2

    lg too slow to focus...

    Not the Z3 compact, the camera on mine shocking.


    Not the Z3 compact, the camera on mine shocking.

    Good to know, thanks. Someone was trying to sell me one of those today. Glad I declined!


    lg too slow to focus...

    Sorry, this is probably a silly question but would that be the same for the LG G3? Thought I read something about it having a laser focus(?) that makes it fast...

    lg g3 is quicker but i dont think it makes much of a difference....i would like to find a phone camera that is reasonably fast in auto focus mode.

    Sounds like laser focus on G3 is meant to improve focus in low light but slower focus in general as goes beyond focal point then comes back, if that makes sense(!)
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