Best Mobile Phone Contract £10-15 p/m 18 months?

    Hi my gf is at the end of her contract with orange and they've offered her an absolute insult of a retention deal, doubling the cost of what she was on previously and slashing her minutes.

    I thought I'd see what I can get her, she wants a new phone, a smart phone but nothing too swanky or big (I'm thinking Wildfire S/San Fran sort of level)

    Would need about 500 mins and 500 texts. Free landline calls would be a good bonus as would a little bit of data.

    Willing to spend between £10-15 a month on maximum of 18mth contract also willing to go for deals which include redemption etc. to get best bargain (I'll be responsible for sorting it!)

    Cheers in advance

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    the best way to do it , or the way i do it anyway, is to search the internet when u find a deal you like, go back to orange and tell them you found this deal and can you match or better it,if they dont or cant then simply request your pac code and threaten to leave, they normally do all they can to match it,
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