Best mobile phone contract with free PS3.

    Looking for a new phone with free ps3 as my contract ends on Wednesday. The best I have seen is the Nokia 6500 slide and PS3 for £35 a month, 18 months on the 3 network. If anyone knows of a better deal please could you let me know. Thank you.


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    That looks a good deal because it is only a 12 month contract but was hoping for a slighty better phone. Thank you.

    Take a look ]here and see if anything takes your fancy?

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    Thank you.

    Just ordered myself this…tml
    Which I thought was a good deal

    dont forget quidco for certain mobile providers (the link/dial a phone etc)

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    That seems like an awsome deal. My contract is up tomorrow with T-mobile. Does anyone think T-mobile will match this or should I just go for this now as it might not be in stock tomorrow. Thanks.

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    Typical. Go there today and out of stock. Gutted.
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