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Found 27th Aug 2006
Looking to get hold of a good mobile phone deal to make nice easy bit of profit with quidco and then selling the phone on ebay any around at the moment would like to make over 100 pounds to pay off some debts quickly many thanks in advance


"3" are offering 75 quid cashback for contract sales via Quidco.

Bear in mind though, nothing is quick with Quidco. You could wait 2-3 months for the cashback.


Not really as phones are rarely free when QuidCo is applied apart from contract phones where you have to pay out an amount over 12 months.

Only thing to do is to take a look at the easyMobile website via [url]www.quidco.com/easymobile[/url] and try to see how much the mobiles on there are worth on QuidCo... QuidCo will give you £15 off the price to begin with, however EasyMobile payments can be very slow.

Selling a mobile on ebay is hard work. It is a scammers market. you have to 'check' out all bidders and accepting Paypal for an expensive item really is not a good idea.
You may get more/make more, from selling it in your local paper/freeads etc or putting ads in shop windows.
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