Best mobile phone dealer?

Found 17th Jun 2005
Sorry, this isn't quite a deal request.

I have found lots of great mobile phone deals out there on contract, BUT, which one is the most reliable company. There are a lot of reviews too and each one I consider as good have bad points highlighted.

So which online phone dealer do you people think are the best regardless of the prices.


No one wants to be with a company who does not keep their word.
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To be honest I'd go with the price. Other than for the cashback and actually getting the phone in the first place the DEALER has nothing to so with you.

It is the NETWORK operator I'd be more worried about. E.g., if you know that you're in a bad coverage area for 3G then don't go with 3!!

There isn't really a "good" network, it all depends on your area and what YOU want.

Things to look for:

1) Freebies. Do they have any offers, like Orange's "Orange Wednesdays" 2 for 1 Cinema Tickets?

2) Do you have to pay for customer services? About 50% of companies charge.

3) How much does itemised billing cost? (This sometimes depends on the contract)

4) Do they charge for VoiceMail (Most do. T-Mobile are free)

5) NETWORK COVERAGE!! Find out how good reception is in your area by getting in touch with them!!

Good luck. Let me know if you need more help.
Thanx duckman for the advice.
I was just worried about not getting my cashback from certain dealers.

I was just worried about not getting my cashback from certain dealers.

Well, that IS a problem with some dealers. Generally, the one's on here are decent companies.

There's no telling when a company could go bust though, or maybe even shut down and open under a new name to cheat people out of cashback!! :shock: LOL, only joking.

You should remember that you are putting your money forward to the company. You are trusting them with is, a little bit like getting shares.

It's a risk you'd probably need to take though to get a decent deal, they're ALL cashback. The advice I'd give to you is that you should really find a tarrif and phone you're happy with.
Thanx for the information, it was very helpful.
I chose my phone and the dealer, but then stopped in my tracks by e2save not accepting Visa Electron. :cry:
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