Best mobile phone in the region of £300

Found 4th Aug 2017
I know there are loads of guides out there but I'd like opinions from here too. In short, my partner wants an iphone 6s (£400ish refurbished) and I said that I'm going to try to find an android phone for at least £100 less - ideally one that completely outstrips the 6s!

A few things;
it can't have a screen bigger than 5"
it has to be well-known brand. (Although I think the Gearbest phones are awesome)
little gimmicks always go down well!
Aesthetics is as important as the hardware

Thanks and happy to hear from anyone who can use the sentence "I have/had this phone and it's amazing!"
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I'd try to put myself her in shoes if I was you. If she's been honest with you and says she wants an iPhone - if affordable I'd get her an iPhone, even if you look at models below the 6s.

I'd be dissapointed if I got an android phone personally after wanting an apple device.

(P.s I may be biased towards apple but I'd say the same if she wanted an android phone - get her what she wants and keep the peace )
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Our house has a mixture of android and apple devices and phones, I love my Lenovo p2 , but you've missed the boat with that unfortunately from 3 , however has your wife looked at the iPhone SE, just bought my daughter one and you could buy brand new for less than a refurb 6 , it's a nice little phone
iPhone SE
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