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Im kinda lost which phone to choose from atm, Im wanting somthing thats more of a music player than camera, but somthing thats got a decent battery life, price aint a limit, can anyone help?

I had a LG Viewty, really didnt like it, so I sold that.


E90, simple as. brill battery, excel, word, music, gps, notes, wifi, web, full qwerty, 3.2mpx


just best communicator!

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Oh the nokia e90? Looks kinda big tho hehe

iPhone in my opinion

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iPhone in my opinion

the battery life any good tho? Couse I was thinking about it

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anyone know if all Nokia n81's are 8gb? or is it only the silver one?


anyone know if all Nokia n81's are 8gb? or is it only the silver one?

I'm not sure on colours but not all N81's are 8GB.

Jack - that was my first thought Really impressed with the E90, it's great having a decent featureset but also a proper battery (unlike the N95) to back it up with. Unfortunately none of the N-series handsets use this battery, just the E61i (aside from the E90).


IPHONE battery is SUPERBBBB ask anyone else i used internet alot and it lasts me 2 days and thats me fully using the wifi etc. If i dont use none of that its like a normal phone 5 days probably.

I guess it depends how you define 'superb' but those figures seem at best average to me.

Additionally, the Iphone lacks most of the features other phones have which drain batterylife (no 3G, HSDPA, GPS etc.) and from a music point of view it also lacks A2DP (its format support for music is also weak). It's also not possible to take a spare battery along with you if needed for a longer time away from the mains.


put it this way if i used the n95 in the same way i used my iphone the n95 would be dead in a matter of a few hours.

And when i mean i use the wifi alot i mean alot probably half my posts each week on done by the iphone.

Also you can buy some decent earphones such as V-MODA . You dont need a spare battery this isnt a N95, Ive never had to take a spare battery if im away for a long time theres always a charger or car charger.

the n95 8gb

has everything you could ever want in a phone except a touchscreen lol

or try the htc kaiser as that nearly matches it.

or the original n95 with a 2 or 4 gb memory card.

ive used all the above and an iphone and still think the n95 is the best phone out atm.

if you dont like slides try an n82

iphones are good but feature wise lacking against other phones


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Thanks guys, added rep

Im kinda stuck between n95 8gb, n81 8gb and maybe a n82

N81 8gb, Cheaper, Better Battery, Smaller
N95 8gb, Better Camera, Better Phone

Iphone, country mile.

Battery life for me is about a week when using only for standard phone functions, about 10 hours when used continuously as an Ipod, about 2.5 days when used for browsing + phone.

BBC Iplayer is great too.

errm n95 8gb i would go for

as long as you dont mind the size its the perfect phone

i myself use the n95 classic as my main phone and then my iphone as a second phone

or get an n82 which isnt that big compared to similair phones and has a fantastic camera


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I just got the n95 8gb version, Hope the battery life is ok :P thanks guys

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s***, that didnt go through, not good
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