Best Mobile Phone & Tarrif for Surfing the Net !

    Hi Guys.

    What in you opinion is the best mobile phone for surfing the internet, i currently have a sony K800i but the screen is so small its hardly worth it + it's not full internet anyway!!!!

    I know the iPhone is suposed to be good - but what are the alternitves !!!!!

    I would also be grateful if some one could point me in the right direction for a decent price tarrif - around 90mins talk time, 500 text & unlimited browsing would do me well.

    Thanks in advance - cannie


    O2 orbit2, use internet addon £5 for months unlimited browsing from 3.
    O2 orbit2 comes unlocked.

    Original Poster

    The E71 looks quite good (think i go to the shop & have a test)

    Any others out there worth thinking about
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