Best money back system for eBay

    I shop a lot on eBay and use Big Crumbs to earn moneyback but I've noticed that Quidco and also offers money back on successful bids.

    Which gives the best return (I only get a few cents back a month from big crumbs for spending about £30 a month on average) Quidco says money back is 50% for winning a eBay auction or Buy It Now item. This amount is based on eBay revenue - not on the price you pay.

    When you calculate it in real terms (i.e. based on eBay fees) which is the best?


    Without knowing Big Crumbs method of calculating cashback amounts how can we know?
    But ebays FVF are 10% though so thats 5% alone with quidco plus half of the listing fee the seller has paid,


    its not fvf fees tho just listing fees.......

    need more info for people to help as we are all lazy

    Original Poster

    Sorry, Big crumbs is either 27% of fee or 15% of fee depending on what type of account you have. I suppose I've answered my own question as Quidco is 50% plus Bigcrumbs is paid in dollars so you then have a conversion rate whereas Quidco is paid in pounds.

    Is eBay revenue the same as their seller fees and why do they give you the seller fees back and not a percentage of the whole bid minus the postage and packaging?

    So if I bought an item for £10, what would I earn with Quidco and Big crumbs (the 27% moneyback account)

    I think Big crumbs is only usefull if you manage to recruit enough people as you then get money back from what they spend.

    Recent ebay transactions from quidco for comparison:

    Store Amount Earnings Status

    22 Nov 2009 spend 20.00 0.70received
    24 Nov 2009 13.49 0.20received
    28 Nov 2009 4.99 0.12received
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