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Found 14th Nov 2008
Ok its doing me nut in going through all the comparison websites, cant stand filling details in, just wondered if anyones clued up on them or any brokers read this site etc.

Current mortgage with ING direct (fixed rate) about to end, was looking into the one account a bit, looks ok.

Help appreciated on type to go for considering current climate etc, and which lender to go for, ideally as lower fee as poss with xmas coming etc
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Best bet is to go and have a meeting with an independent mortgage advisor.

With the current drop in mortgage rate (whooopeee now 3% ) it's best to get professional advice.

It's a pain in the bum compared to doing it on-line but it's a massive decision and with the way the economy is its better to be safe than sorry.
i agree, go and get some free independant advice and also call up ing and tell them your thinking of moving elsewhre and see what they have to offer then you can tell the advisor what you have been offered
Cheers, wondering if ING are gonna pass on the recent drop to us customers before i move, as my fixed rate will switch to their variable in a week or so when the fixed deal ends, but so far their rate is the same as its been for ages, thought they where supposed to come down after that interest rate cut :?
Moved to Deal requests.

Moved to Deal requests.

eh? just looking for advice :?
More cuts are expected especially after King's speech earlier this week so I would personally go with a BoE tracker.

Ideal situation would be to get one without any redemption penalties and to fix it some time next year when they drop the rates to 1.50-2%
cheers, proper thread killer moving it into here lol. didnt even know this bit existed
give London & Country a ring
A tracker is probably your best bet. We have one and just received a letter today saying that the rate has dropped and our payment has gone down considerably! happy days!
Tracker? :w00t:

IMO the BoE will not be reducing the rate's much further, I'm looking to get myself onto a long term(5 or 10) year fixed rate before they start increasing the rates up again. Certainly can't see any increase or decrease until Febuary at earliest
2% by yr end (i.e. a 100bp cut at their next meeting) or worse case scenario 1st quarter 2009

1.50% by mid 2009 is a very strong possibility
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